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Utility Airplane


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Intra-theater support aircraft. power via one pratt and whitney pt6a-67b tuboprop engine. thrust is 1605 shaft horse power; flat rated to 1200 shp. lengthend aircraft is 47'3"; height 14'; wing span 53' 3". max cruise 270 knots true air speed. max payload 2973 lb. ceiling 30k. max take off weight 9.9k. ground roll 1,475 feet at max weight. range 1,513 nautical miles
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Gold and platinum
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EA - A numeric quantity of one item of supply. Sold in quantities of 1 EA.
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pc-12/45 Cross Reference

Airplane, Utility PC-12/45 Cage Code 8X691 original

Historical Pricing

Price Unit of Issue Quantity Per Unit
$8,250,000.00 - $12,787,500.00 EA 1

The historical pricing we currently show is between $8,250,000.00 - $12,787,500.00. But depending on quantity, availability, condition, lead time, and possible discontinuation of an item, we cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you an up to date quote.

Airplane, Utility

An airplane designed to perform miscellaneous missions including, on a limited basis, those missions normally assigned to various other type of aircraft, such as towing targets, directing ground fire, carrying cargo and/or passengers, and the like.