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Medical Supplies

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Electrical components and supplies

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Engine parts and consumables

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Compounds and adhesives

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Oils and greases

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Engine and flight instruments

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Medical supplies

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Medical instruments

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Electrical components and supplies

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Our Company

AeroBase Group is a global aerospace and defense partner delivering parts for aircraft with the speed that growing international markets demand. Headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., we offer a combination of complete logistics, MRO, manufacturing representation, e-commerce and parts distribution. AeroBase Group is proud to be a minority woman-owned small business.

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We are committed to providing customers the experience, technology and service necessary to operate their business safely and profitably.

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NSN 5360-00-011-0169 Compression Helical Spring 09/25/23 12:47pm

5360000110169. compression helical spring has a quantity on 10 coils.

NSN 1630-00-011-0168 Poppet Guide 09/25/23 12:47pm

1630000110168. poppet guide is made of aluminum alloy.

NSN 5360-00-011-0167 Compression Helical Spring 09/25/23 12:47pm

5360000110167. compression helical spring has a spring solid length of 0.306 inches.

NSN 1630-00-011-0166 Brake Cylin Plunger 09/25/23 12:16pm

f-5 aircraft 1630000110166. brake cylin plunger is made of stainless steel.

NSN 4730-00-011-0165 Threaded Tube Fitting Plug 09/25/23 12:16pm

4730000110165. threaded tube fitting plug has the thread class 3a external.

NSN 5365-00-011-0163 Machine Thread Plug 09/25/23 12:16pm

5365000110163. machine thread plug cage code: 76050

NSN 5340-00-011-0162 Helical Compression Spring Seat 09/25/23 11:37am

5340000110162. helical compression spring seat has a solid design type.

Nail NSN 5315-00-011-0137 09/25/23 11:37am

nail nsn 5315000110137. head diameter 0.155 inches. shank diameter 0.072 inches

NSN 4920-00-011-0248 Pressure And Temperature Probe 09/25/23 11:37am

4920000110248. pressure and temperature probe has the end item identification engine trailer test stand p/n 284880/1/1.

NSN 4730-00-011-0052 Dust Cover Assembly 09/25/23 11:08am

4730000110052. dust cover assembly cage codes: 49315 and 98897

NSN 4730-00-011-0050 Dust Cover Assembly 09/25/23 11:08am

4730000110050. dust cover assembly has the special feature weapon system essential.

NSN 5320-00-011-0048 Split Rivet 09/25/23 11:08am

5320000110048. split rivet has an oval/truss head style and a head height of between 0.026 inches and 0.036 inches.

Availability Updates

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NSN 1560-01-488-4680
Aircraft Fairing
Availability: 1
NSN 3110-00-100-0360
Tapered Roller Bearing Cup
Availability: 82
NSN 6135-01-295-7523
Battery Assembly
Availability: 14
NSN 6685-01-549-0152
Card Temperature Indicator
Availability: 6
NSN 5330-00-060-0590
Cloth Insert Solid Rubber Sheet
Availability: 316
NSN 5340-01-501-2894
Mounting Bracket
Availability: 1
NSN 4240-00-542-2048
Industrial Faceshield
Availability: 118
NSN 5310-00-513-9964
Hexagon Slotted Plain Nut
Availability: 155

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