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Electrical Components and Supplies

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Chemicals, Adhesives, Epoxies

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Hardware and Consumables

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Medical Supplies

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Electrical components and supplies

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Engine parts and consumables

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Compounds and adhesives

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Oils and greases

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Engine and flight instruments

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Medical supplies

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Medical instruments

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Electrical components and supplies

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Our Company

AeroBase Group is a global aerospace and defense partner delivering parts for aircraft with the speed that growing international markets demand. Headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., we offer a combination of complete logistics, MRO, manufacturing representation, e-commerce and parts distribution. AeroBase Group is proud to be a minority woman-owned small business.

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We are committed to providing customers the experience, technology and service necessary to operate their business safely and profitably.

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NSN 2840-00-015-1684 Aircraft Gas Turbin Turbine Case 06/18/24 11:05am

united technologies corporation. the engine section location is turbine

NSN 2840-00-015-1676 Compressor Rotor Spacer 06/18/24 10:35am

united technologies corporation. the special features is id 0.93 min/0.94 max in.; thk 0.028 min/mac 0.031 max in.

NSN 2840-00-015-1677 Aircraft Gas Turbine Compressor 06/18/24 10:35am

pratt & whitney canada cie div. the special features is major items: 1 p/n 488221 compressor stator; 1 p/n 451631 case

4710-00-015-1674 Metal Tube Assembly 06/18/24 10:35am

metal tube assembly nsn 4710000151674. the wall thickness is 0.020 inches

4710-00-015-1673 Metal Tube Assembly 06/15/24 11:30am

metal tube assembly nsn 4710000151673. the bolt circle diameter is 2.500 inches single end

2840-00-015-1672 Diffuser Case Bracket Assembly 06/15/24 10:59am

diffuser case bracket assembly nsn 2840000151672. the general characteristics item description is consisting of 1 part no. 499733 bracket and 1 part no. 499734bracket

2840-00-015-1669 Oil Cooler Tube Bracket Assembly 06/15/24 10:59am

oil cooler tube bracket assembly nsn 2840000151669. the general characteristics item description is cresams 5504 bracket materialrockwell c30-38 brackethardness0.085-0.101 in. bracket thk0.545-0.575 in. w1.324-1.426 in. lg

2840-00-015-1670 Angle Bracket Assy 06/15/24 10:59am

angle bracket assy nsn 2840000151670. the end item identification is acft eng tf-33

4710-00-015-1668 Metal Tube Assembly 06/15/24 10:26am

wall thickness 0.035 inches

NSN 2840-00-015-1661 Oil Tank Reta Plate 06/15/24 10:26am

steel material

4920-00-015-1636 Pressure Test Adapter 06/15/24 09:57am

overall length 24in. ⁓24-1/64

Availability Updates

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NSN 5342-00-136-7827
Assembly Clamp
Availability: 48
NSN 5935-01-137-6164
Electrical Plug Connector
Availability: 1
NSN 5925-01-124-9880
Circuit Breaker
Availability: 324
NSN 6685-01-617-0596
Heating Element Thermocouple
Availability: 2
NSN 1680-01-418-0851
Windshield Wiper Assembly
Availability: 2
NSN 1680-01-418-0848
Windshield Wiper Assembly
Availability: 1
NSN 5360-00-242-0706
Compression Helical Spring
Availability: 5511
NSN 5305-00-338-2077
Close Tolerance Screw
Availability: 1344

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