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Electrical Components and Supplies

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Chemicals, Adhesives, Epoxies

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Hardware and Consumables

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Medical Supplies

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Electrical components and supplies

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Engine parts and consumables

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Compounds and adhesives

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Oils and greases

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Engine and flight instruments

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Medical supplies

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Medical instruments

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Electrical components and supplies

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Our Company

AeroBase Group is a global aerospace and defense partner delivering parts for aircraft with the speed that growing international markets demand. Headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., we offer a combination of complete logistics, MRO, manufacturing representation, e-commerce and parts distribution. AeroBase Group is proud to be a minority woman-owned small business.

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We are committed to providing customers the experience, technology and service necessary to operate their business safely and profitably.

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9330-00-010-6480 Observation Window 12/09/23 07:03am

observation window nsn 9330000106480. overall diameter between 3.461in. and 3.539in. ⁓3-35/64

1260-00-010-6479 Housing 12/09/23 07:03am

housing nsn 1260000106479. end item identification fire control systems

4920-00-010-7353 Aircraft Maintenance Fixture 12/09/23 07:03am

aircraft maintenance fixture nsn 4920000107353. end item identification t-53 series engines

NSN 5340-00-011-1742 Hinge 12/09/23 05:00am

5340000111742. hinge cage code: 73507

1560-00-011-1499 Air Structural Component Fitting 12/09/23 05:00am

c-141 aircraft

1560-00-011-1494 Liferaft Release Lever 12/08/23 06:08pm

aluminum alloy ams4260 comp 356 cond t6 3.11 in. o/a length 1.52 in. o/a width 0.7 in. o/a height

1560-00-011-1918 Longeron 12/08/23 05:39pm

aluminum material

1430-00-011-1914 Feedback Valve Cap 12/08/23 05:39pm

aluminum alloy anodized mil-a-8625 1.75 in. length 1.312 in. width 0.775 in. thk

5820-00-010-6473 Elevation Worm 12/08/23 11:11am

elevation worm nsn 5820000106473. fsc application data radio and television communication equipment except airborne

5355-00-010-6466 Knob 12/08/23 11:11am

knob nsn 5355000106466. inside diameter 0.218 inches

1260-00-010-6464 Clamp 12/08/23 11:11am

clamp nsn 1260000106464. end item identification fire control equipment

5340-00-010-6462 Mortise Latch 12/08/23 10:36am

mortise latch nsn 5340000106462. end item identification misc ship parts

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NSN 8040-00-270-8137
Availability: 43
NSN 7530-00-222-3525
Memorandum Book
Availability: 4
NSN 5330-01-155-3418
Availability: 239
NSN 4730-00-278-2042
Hose Clamp
Availability: 2628
NSN 5950-00-137-2712
Power Transformer
Availability: 15015
NSN 9535-00-022-8797
Metal Sheet
Availability: 88
NSN 4730-01-527-8249
Quick Disconnect Coupling Half
Availability: 1
NSN 5130-01-517-3514
Flexible Cable Term Swaging Tool
Availability: 4

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