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Electrical Components and Supplies

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Chemicals, Adhesives, Epoxies

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Hardware and Consumables

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Medical Supplies

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Electrical components and supplies

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Engine parts and consumables

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Compounds and adhesives

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Oils and greases

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Engine and flight instruments

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Medical supplies

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Medical instruments

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Electrical components and supplies

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Our Company

AeroBase Group is a global aerospace and defense partner delivering parts for aircraft with the speed that growing international markets demand. Headquartered in Melbourne, Fla., we offer a combination of complete logistics, MRO, manufacturing representation, e-commerce and parts distribution. AeroBase Group is proud to be a minority woman-owned small business.

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We are committed to providing customers the experience, technology and service necessary to operate their business safely and profitably.

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5962-00-009-1342 Digital Microcircuit 01/27/23 06:40am

digital microcircuit nsn 5962000091342. storage temp range -65.0/+150.0 deg celsius

5950-00-009-1341 Reactor 01/27/23 06:40am

reactor nsn 5950000091341. rating method electrical single component single winding

5915-00-009-1334 Radio Frequency Interfere Filter 01/27/23 06:40am

nsn 5915000091334 radio frequency interfere filter

5961-00-009-1333 Unitized Semiconductor Devices 01/27/23 05:55am

length 0.21 maximum diameter 0.23 maximum

5999-00-009-1315 Electrical Contact 01/27/23 05:55am

plastic material

5905-00-009-1293 Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 01/27/23 05:55am

body length 0.75 body width 0.28

NSN 5905-00-009-1292 Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 01/27/23 05:09am

body height 0.375

NSN 5905-00-009-1291 Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 01/27/23 05:09am

body length 0.578

5950-00-009-1290 Radio Frequency Transformer 01/27/23 05:09am

body length 0.594

NSN 5950-00-009-1289 Radio Frequency Coil 01/26/23 06:41pm

body outside diameter 0.205

NSN 5999-00-009-1282 Electrical-electronic Heat Sink 01/26/23 06:41pm

aluminum material

NSN 5905-00-009-1280 Non Wire Wound Variable Resistor 01/26/23 06:41pm

body diameter 1.62

Availability Updates

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NSN 5340-01-154-8567
Clamping Catch
Availability: 2
NSN 2945-01-530-2856
Intake Air Cleane Filter Element
Availability: 7
NSN 5841-01-352-0218
Stabilization Data Computer
Availability: 1
NSN 2840-01-200-9759
Aircraft Gas Tu Compressor Rotor
Availability: 3
NSN 8305-00-004-2537
Textile Webbing
Availability: 1473
NSN 5320-01-643-2814
Blind Rivet
Availability: 351
NSN 5320-01-537-2393
Solid Rivet
Availability: 116307
NSN 5306-01-022-2939
Machine Bolt
Availability: 3

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