How a Minority Woman Owned Small Business made a big impact on Industry

For an industry whose aircraft move at the speed of sound, sourcing the parts needed to fly them can be remarkably slow. Our founders wanted to change that.

With just $3,000 and a passion for innovation, a team of visionaries founded AeroBase Group from their humble guest bedroom in August 2013. Having worked with several aircraft distributors before, they saw some things the industry could do differently.

For one, they sought to use cutting edge technology to streamline the process of securing parts for aerospace and defense. Our tools and software were designed to minimize our customers’ time researching, negotiating, and procuring parts.

Combined with a company culture that prioritizes passion and positive attitude over traditional sales tactics, AeroBase positioned itself as a leader in the industry.

Our global network of partner companies allows our small business to make a big impact serving over 400 customers a day. But throughout the company’s development, its small business approach has remained unchanged: with the right tools and a passionate team, AeroBase Group provides customers with the expertise, technology, and service to succeed.

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