Airbus P/N AG282000-03

Description: Gasket - ATC/DME Antenna

airbus Models

  • 47G-4A
  • 47j
  • 47k
  • 47J-2
  • 47J-2A
  • 47G-5
  • 47G-2A-1
  • 47G-3B-2
  • 47G-3
  • 47G-5A
  • 47G-3B
  • 47G-3B-2A
  • 47G-3B-1
  • 47G-4
  • 47G-4A
  • 47j
  • 47k
  • 47J-2
  • 47J-2A
  • UH-1H
  • 209/AH-1G

All applicable aircraft models:

Airbus (A300 A300 Model B2-1A, A300 Model B2-1C, A300 Model B4-2C, A300 Model B2K-3C, A300 Model B4-103, A300 Model B2-203, A300 Model B4-203, A310 A310 Model 204, A310 Model 221, A310 Model 222, A310 Model 203, A310 Model 322, A310 Model 324, A310 Model 304, A310 Model 325, A300-600 A300 Model B4-601, A300 Model B4-603, A300 Model B4-620, A300 Model B4-605R, A300 Model B4-622R, A300 Model F4-605R, A300 Model F4-622R, A300 Model C4-605R Variant F, A300 Model B4-622, A318 Series A318 Model -111, A318 Model -112, A318 Model -121, A318 Model -122, A319 Series A319 Model -111, A319 Model -112, A319 Model -113, A319 Model -114) Airbus (A319 Model -115, A319 Model -131, A319 Model -132, A319 Model -133, A320 Series A320 Model -111, A320 Model -211, A320 Model -212, A320 Model -214, A320 Model -231, A320 Model -232, A320 Model -233, A321 Series A321 Model -111, A321 Model -112, A321 Model -131, A321 Model -211, A321 Model -231, A321 Model -212, A321 Model -213, A321 Model -232, A330-200 Series A330-201, A330-202, A330-203, A330-223, A330-243, A330-200 Freighter Series A330-223F, A330-243F, A330-300 Series A330-301, A330-302, A330-303, A330-321, A330-322, A330-323, A330-341, A330-342, A330-343, A340-211, A340-212, A340-213, A340-311) Airbus (A340-312, A340-313, A340-541, A340-642, A350-941, BAC 1-11 200, BAC 1-11 400) Airbus Defense and Space S.A. (C-212-CB, C-212-CC, C-212-CD, C-212-CE, C-212-CF, C-212-DF, C-212-DE, CN-235, CN-235-100, CN-235-200, CN-235-300, C-295) ATR (ATR42-200, ATR42-300, ATR42-320, ATR42-500, ATR72-101, ATR72-201, ATR72-102, ATR72-202, ATR72-211, ATR72-212, ATR72-212A) Boeing (DC-9-11, DC-9-12, DC-9-13, DC-9-14, DC-9-15, DC-9-15F, DC-9-21, DC-9-31, DC-9-32, DC-9-32 (VC-9C)

DC-9-32F, DC-9-32F (C-9A, C-9B)

DC-9-33F, DC-9-34, DC-9-34F, DC-9-41) Boeing (DC-9-51, DC-9-81 (MD-81)

DC-9-82 (MD-82)

DC-9-83 (MD-83)

DC-9-87 (MD-87)

MD-88, MD-90-30, 717-200, DC-10-10, DC-10-40, DC-10-30, DC-10-30F (KC-10A, KDC-10)

DC-10-10F, DC-10-40F, DC-10-15, MD-11, MD-11F, MD-10-10F, MD-10-30F, 727 Series, 727-100 Series, 727C Series, 727-100C Series, 727-200 Series, 727-200F Series, 737-100 Series, 737-200 Series, 737-200C Series, 737-300 Series, 737-400 Series, 737-500 Series, 737-700 Series, 737-800 Series, 737-600 Series, 737-700C Series, 737-900 Series, 737-900ER Series, 747-100 Series, 747-200B Series, 747-200F Series, 747-200C Series, 747SR Series, 747SP Series, 747-100B Series, 747-300 Series, 747-100B SUD Series, 747-400 Series, 747-400D Series, 747-400F Series) Boeing (747-8F Series, 747-8 Series, 757-200 Series, 757-200PF Series, 757-200CB Series, 757-300 Series, 767-200 Series, 767-300 Series, 767-300F Series, 767-400ER Series, 777-200 Series, 777-300 Series, 777-300ER Series, 777-200LR Series, 777F Series, 787-8, 787-9) Bombardier (BD-100-1A10, BD-700-1A10, BD-700-1A11, CL-600-1A11 (CL-600)

CL-600-2A12 (CL-601)

CL-600-2B16 (CL-601-3A VARIANT)

CL-600-2B16 (CL-601-3R VARIANT)

CL-600-2B16 (CL-604 VARIANT)

CL-600-2B19 (REGIONAL JET SERIES 100 & 440)

CL-600-2C10 (REGIONAL JET SERIES 700, 701 & 702)



CL-600-2E25 (REGIONAL JET SERIES 1000)) Bombardier (DHC-8-100 Series, DHC-8-200 Series, DHC-8-300 Series, DHC-8-400 Series) Textron Aviation (206, P206, P206A, P206B, P206C, P206D, P206E, U206, U206A, 206H, U206B, U206C, U206D, U206E, U206F, U206G, TP206A, TP206B, TP206C, T206H, TP206D, TP206E, TU206A, TU206B, TU206C, TU206D, TU206E, TU206F, TU206G, 208, 208B, 500, S550, 560, 550, 552, 560XL, 650, 750, 501, 551) Triton Aerospace LLC (A500) Viking Air Limited (DHC-2 Mk. I, DHC-2 Mk. II, DHC-2 Mk. III, (Caribou) DHC-4, (Caribou) DHC-4A , DHC-6-1, DHC-6-100, DHC-6-200, DHC-6-300, DHC-6-400, DHC-7-1, DHC-7-100, DHC-7-101, DHC-7-102, DHC-7-103, DHC-8-100 Series, DHC-8-200 Series, DHC-8-300 Series, DHC-8-400 Series) Cessna (401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B, 402C, 411, 411A, 414, 414A, 421, 421A, 421B, 421C, 425, 404, 406, 441) Dassault (FALCON 10, FALCON 2000, FALCON 2000EX, FALCON 7X, MYSTERE-FALCON 50, MYSTERE-FALCON 900, FALCON 900EX, FAN JET FALCON, FAN JET FALCON SERIES C, FAN JET FALCON SERIES D, FAN JET FALCON SERIES E, FAN JET FALCON SERIES F, FAN JET FALCON SERIES G, MYSTERE-FALCON 200, MYSTERE-FALCON 20 - C5, MYSTERE-FALCON 20 - D5, MYSTERE-FALCON 20 - E5, MYSTERE-FALCON 20 - F5) Eclipse (EA500) Embraer (EMB-110P1, EMB-110P2, EMB-120, EMB-120RT, EMB-120ER, EMB-120FC, EMB-120QC, EMB-145, EMB-145ER, EMB-145MR, EMB-145LR, EMB-135ER) Embraer (EMB-135LR, EMB-135KE, EMB-135KL, EMB-135BJ, EMB-145XR, EMB-145MP, EMB-145EP, EMB-500, EMB-505, EMB-545, EMB-550, ERJ 170-100 STD, ERJ 170-100 LR, ERJ 170-100 SU, ERJ 170-100 SE, ERJ 170-200 STD, ERJ 170-200 LR, ERJ 170-200 SU, ERJ 190-100 STD, ERJ 190-100 LR, ERJ 190-100 IGW, ERJ 190-100 ECJ, ERJ 190-200 STD, ERJ 190-200 LR, ERJ 190-200 IGW) Fokker (F.27 Mark 100, F.27 Mark 200, F.27 Mark 300, F.27 Mark 400, F.27 Mark 500, F.27 Mark 600, F.27 Mark 700, F.27 Mark 050, F.28 Mark 1000, F.28 Mark 2000, F.28 Mark 3000, F.28 Mark 4000, F.28 Mark 0100, F.28 Mark 0070) Gulfstream (Model 111, G-1159, G-1159A, G-1159B, G-IV, GV, GV-SP, GIV-X) Gulfstream (G-159, GVI) Gulfstream Aerospace LP (Gulfstream 100, Gulfstream G150, Gulfstream G280, GALAXY, GULFSTREAM 200) Gulfstream American Corporation (G-44 (Army OA-14 Navy J4F-2)

G-44A, SCAN Type 30) Piper (PA-42, PA-42-720, PA-42-1000, PA-34-200, PA-34-200T, PA-34-220T, PA-44-180, PA-44-180T, PA-46-310P, PA-46-350P, PA-46-500TP, PA-46R-350T) Saab (340A (SAAB/SF340A)

SAAB 340B, SAAB 2000) Twin Commander (500, 500A, 500B, 500U, 520, 560, 560A, 560E, 500S, 560-F, 680, 680E, 680F) Twin Commander (680F(P)

680FL, 680FL(P)

680T, 680V, 680W, 681, 685, 690, 690A , 690B, 690C, 690D, 695, 695A, 695B, 720, 700) Airbus Helicopter (AS350C, AS350D, AS350D1, AS350B, AS350B1, AS350B2, AS350BA, AS350B3, AS350B4, EC130B4, EC130T2, SA-365C , SA-365C1, SA-365C2, SA-365N, SA-365N1, AS-365N2, SA-366G1, SA-365N3, EC 155B, EC155B1, SA330J, AS332C, AS332C1, AS332L, AS332L1, AS332L2, EC225LP) Airbus Helicopter (AS355E, AS355F, AS355F1, AS355F2, AS355N, AS355NP, EC120B, SA341G, SA342J) Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (EC135P1, EC135T1, EC135P2, EC135T2, EC135P2+, EC135T2+, EC135P3, EC135T3, MBB-BK 117 A-1, MBB-BK 117 A-3, MBB-BK 117 A-4, MBB-BK 117 B-1, MBB-BK 117 B-2, MBB-BK 117 C-1, MBB-BK 117 C-2, MBB-BK 117 D-2) Bell (206, 206A, 206A-1(OH-58A)

206B, 206B-1, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, 206L-4, 407, 427, 429) Bell (222, 222B, 222U, 230, 430) Bell (204B, 205A, 205A-1, 205B, 210, 212, 412, 412EP, 412CF, 214B, 214B-1, 214ST, UH-1L, TH-1L, UH-1E) BLR Aerospace, LLC (209/AH-1G, 209/TAH-1S, 209/TAH-1P) Rotocraft Dev. Corp. (UH-1E, UH-1L, TH-1L, HH-1K, OH-58A+, OH-58A, OH-58C, UH-1F, UH-1P, TH-1F, UH-1B, UH-1H) Scotts-Bell (47, 47B, 47B3, 47D, 47D1, 47E, 47G, 47G-2, 47H-1, 47G-2A, 47G-2A-1, 47G-3, 47G-3B, 47G-3B-1, 47G-4) Scotts-Bell (47G-4A , 47G-5, 47G-3B-2, 47G-5A, 47G-3B-2A, 47J, 47K, 47J-2, 47J-2A) Sikorsky Aircraft (S-61L, S-61N, S-61R (USAF CH-3C, CH-3E)

S-61NM, S-61A (U.S. Navy SH-3A, HSS-2)


S-61D (U.S. Navy SH-3D)

S-61E (U.S. Navy RH-3A)

S-61V (U.S. Navy VH-3A, HSS-22)

S-70A, S-70C(M1)


S-70C, S-70 (UH-60A, UH-60L)

S-76A, S-76B, S-76C, S-76D, MODEL S-92A, 47G, 47G-2, 47H-1, 47G-2A, 47G-5, 47G-2A-1, 47G-3B-2, 47G-3, 47G-5A, 47G-3B, 47G-3B-2A, 47G-3B-1, 47G-4) Sikorsky Aircraft (47G-4A, 47J, 47K, 47J-2, 47J-2A, 47G-5, 47G-2A-1, 47G-3B-2, 47G-3, 47G-5A, 47G-3B, 47G-3B-2A, 47G-3B-1, 47G-4, 47G-4A, 47J, 47K, 47J-2, 47J-2A, UH-1H, 209/AH-1G)

OEM AG282000-03


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Airbus AG282000-03
Gasket - ATC/DME Antenna
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