William F Ruckle

United States
Cage Code: 0FT23
Type Code: A
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National Stock Number
Item Description
sonar hydrophone subassembly
Part Number:
4G14257-101A collar
mai leveling collar
Part Number:
105083 assembly
work stand frame assembly
Part Number:
4080115-1 knob
Part Number:
4080126-2 assembly
brak lever assembly
Part Number:
4080111 spacer
special spacer
Part Number:
2-76515-55 assembly
track assembly
Part Number:
517AS120 frame
bomb hoisting frame
Part Number:
65A102-C104-1 disk
pressure re safety head and disk
Part Number:
5184095 PIECE 8 spacer
plate spacer
Part Number:
65A102-B56 adapter
front axle adapter
Part Number:
65A102-C7-6 fittings
metallic tube and fittings
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