B. & E. MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 59680 Manufacturer

Type Code A (US/Canadian Manufacturer) Status A (Active Record) Cage Code 59680
Locality CA, United States
Business Size Less than 500 employees


Part Number NSN Description
4-202242-3/4-20 4730-00-006-3998 Straight Adapter Pipe To Tube
STSPB116F0604 4730-00-035-6922 Tube To Boss Elbow
STSPB116F1010 4730-00-035-6967 Tube To Boss Elbow
MS39210-3 4730-00-052-9876 Tube Coupling Nut
480326 4730-00-065-9846 Elbow
4-202242-1/2-12 4730-00-067-8521 Straight Adapter Pipe To Tube
7M60D8-1 1650-00-070-5241 Hydraulic Swivel Joint Aircraft
BE587-8M 4730-00-082-5987 Straight Adapter Tube To Hose
J513P03 4730-00-092-5550 Tube To Boss Elbow
S763D10 4730-00-111-7475 Flared Sleeve Tube Fitting
S763D6 4730-00-111-7476 Flared Sleeve Tube Fitting
8-070103BULKHEAD 4730-00-116-0043 Straight Adapter Pipe To Tube
MS27436-3 1630-00-116-6208 Aircraft Whee Valve
GE11H6D 4730-00-130-6779 Tube To Boss Elbow
AS5168-05 4730-00-142-1831 Tube Fitting Plug Threaded
7347114-30 4730-00-142-5164 Air Chuck Inflating
7347114-10 4730-00-142-5207 Air Chuck Inflating
C10068-2 4730-00-142-5207 Air Chuck Inflating
GF11DD0604 4730-00-146-6065 Tube Elbow
STSPB116F0404 4730-00-150-5183 Tube To Boss Elbow
AN502-10-8 5305-00-150-9212 Machine Screw
C715D12 4730-00-153-7180 Tube Cap
114P4278-1 4730-00-177-7963 Straight Adapter Tube To Boss
STSPB803F08 5310-00-181-6040 Plain Nut Hexagon
AS195W0604 4730-00-186-9968 Pipe To Tube Elbow