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Fork Lift Truck


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Item Specifics

Federal Supply Class (FSC)
Self-propelled Warehouse Trucks And Tractors
National Item ID Number (NIIN)
Rated Speed
12.0 miles per hour AAGK
Fork Length
40.000 inches AGBS
Fork Width
6.062 inches AGBT
Overall Height With Forks In Lowest Position
91.000 inches AGBV
Vehicular Turn Radius
196.000 inches AGCQ
Fork Load Center Distance
24.000 inches AGCT
Fork/platform Maximum Free Lift Height
57.000 inches AGDB
Prime Mover Type
Diesel engine AKDJ
Entry Date
89-10-01 NTRD
Reference Data And Literature
Mil-hdbk-300 RDAL
Nondefinitive Spec/std Data
D type ZZZT

Item Identification | Self-propelled Warehouse Trucks And Tractors

3930-01-052-5219, A self-propelled, wheeled vehicle, equipped with power driven front or side loading fork, type elevating unit(s). the elevating unit(s) may extend and retract to provide a reaching capability. it is primarily used for lifting, transporting, and stacking. for nonself-propelled, wheeled vehicles equipped with either manual or power driven elevating unit(s), see elevator, portable and truck, lift, hand. excludes truck, lift, platform.

Supply Class (FSC)NSN AssignmentNIINItem Name Code (INC)
3930 Dec 15, 1977 010525219 03197 (Truck, Lift, Fork)

End Item Applications NSN 3930-01-052-5219 end item applications/platforms

Lift Truck Forks Cross Reference

Part Number CAGE Variation
MIL-T-52862/5A Cage Code 81349 Non-Difinitive Specification

National Motor Freight NMFC: A six position numeric code, which divides articles into groups or classes according to physical characteristics. The classification is based on truckloads vs. less than truckload.

Code Description Code Value Meaning
NMF Description NMFC 190190 Vehicle Mtr:auto Frt Noi Tractors
Universal Freight Code UFC 93340
Less than a truck load rating LTL F 150.0
Less than a car load rating LCL M 85.0
Water Commodity WCC 891 Vehicles, designed for materials handling in and around airfields, terminals and depots; including trucks, tractors, trailers, and stackers (see 829)
Type of Cargo TCC R Flammable liquids, un class 3 (flammable liquids label)
Special Handling SHC D Moderate sensitivity, category iii, aa&e, unclassified
Air Dimension Code ADC Z Shipment is not a consolidation, but does exceed 84 inches in one or more dimensions.
Air Commodity ACC V Trailers, vehicles, machinery, shop and warehouse equipment and supplies including special tools and equipment, ground servicing and special purpose vehicles, trailers, marine equipment and supplies, repair and maintenance parts for the above.
Air Special Handling ASH Array Hazardous material (not required hand-to-hand receipt) including all regulated items other than special weapons and their components to include items not requiring a shipper's declaration for dangerous goods; e.g. radioactive materials excepted packages, certain biological substances, and items in excepted quantities.

Trade Control Compliance Schedule B Export Code: A ten position numeric code that identifies an item exported overseas. this unique identification code is assigned by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Schedule B Sch. B Description Demilitarization Classification ITAR Regulation
8427208040 Self-propelled fork-lift and other works trucks fitted with lifting equip, nesoi Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9). Unclassified Not ITAR Controlled

MOE / End Users Represents the subdivisions of a US governmental organization or an agency of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and other friendly governments and international organizations participating in the federal catalog program.

Country / Entity Name MOE
ZZ Department Of The Air Force ZZ
Warner-robins air logistics complex (wr-alc), robins afb, ga FGG4 F
Tobyhanna army depot (tyad), pa A266 1

Material & Special Handling Item material and handling information

Code Description Value Meaning
HMIRS N Indicates there is no data in the hmirs and the nsn is in a fsc not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.
Precious Metals Indicator A Item does not contain precious metal.
Criticality Code X The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.

Management Rec. / Rep. Code: Fast moving centrally managed 1i cog forms (locally procured at selected designated overseas activities)

 CTL: --V---V

Air Force

Budget V – Vehicular equip (rems) vehicle
Material Management
Price Validation V – The current standard price has been validated. - the item has been analyzed in conjunction with the zero overpricing program and is in the accepted price range. -the item was procured under open competition and under the competitive arena the price is considered fair and reasonable. -zop or standard price challenges are permissible but must be supported by adequate justification.

Air Force Management Code Definition

Fund A two position code that classifies an item into categories in terms of funding and budgeting.
Budget Identifies investment items to budget programs from which item is funded.
Material Management Identifies an item of supply to be managed by a specific activity manager.
Price Validation Indicates validity of the recorded unit price.


Accounting Requirements N – Nonexpendable item. an item of army property coded with an arc of ``n'' in the amdf. nonexpendable items require property book accountability after issue from the stock record account. commercial and fabricated items similar to items coded ``n'' in the amdf are considered nonexpendable items.
Material Category 1 K – Tactical and support vehicles, combat and automotive materiel
Material Category 2 Q – Other support equipment
Material Category 3 1 – Reparable items (exclusive of insurance and provisioning items.) this code will be used to identify serviceable or unserviceable items of a durable nature which when unserviceable normally can be repaired economically by depots or lower echelons of maint
Material Category 4 & 5 PY – Base level commercial equipment (bce)

Army Management Code Definition

Accounting Requirements Accounting Requirements Code (ARC): a one position alpha code that indicates the accountability of an item of supply.
Material Category 1 Material category and inventory manager.
Material Category 2 Appropriation and budget activity account.
Material Category 3 Management inventory segment.
Material Category 4 & 5 Specific group / generic category.