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Air Conditioner


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Item Specifics

Federal Supply Class (FSC)
Air Conditioning Equipment
National Item ID Number (NIIN)

Item Identification | Air Conditioning Equipment

4120-01-467-2638, A self-contained unit designed to perform the functions of cooling, circulating, filtering, dehumidifying or otherwise processing of air. it may also be equipped to perform the additional functions of heating or humidifying. it may be the air cycle type used in aircraft or the vapor cycle type applicable to ground or aerospace equipment. excludes environmental control unit, personnel, self-contained.

Supply Class (FSC)NSN AssignmentItem Name Code (INC)
4120 Aug 21, 1999 06486 (Air Conditioner)

End Item Applications NSN 4120-01-467-2638 end item applications/platforms

Air Conditioners Cross Reference

Part Number CAGE Variation
S9500-36KH-1 Cage Code 0V5R4 Original Part
S9500-36KH-1 Cage Code 0V5R4 Original Part
S9500-36KH-1 Cage Code 0V5R4 Original Part
S9500-36KH-1 Cage Code 0V5R4 Original Part

Trade Control Compliance Schedule B Export Code: A ten position numeric code that identifies an item exported overseas. this unique identification code is assigned by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Schedule B Sch. B Description Demilitarization Classification ITAR Regulation
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9). Not ITAR Controlled

Material & Special Handling Item material and handling information

Code Description Value Meaning
HMIRS N Indicates there is no data in the hmirs and the nsn is in a fsc not generally suspected of containing hazardous materials.
Precious Metals Indicator A Item does not contain precious metal.
Criticality Code X The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.




Accounting Requirements N – Nonexpendable item. an item of army property coded with an arc of ``n'' in the amdf. nonexpendable items require property book accountability after issue from the stock record account. commercial and fabricated items similar to items coded ``n'' in the amdf are considered nonexpendable items.
Material Category 1 G – Communications and electronics equipment, electronics materiel
Material Category 2 Q – Other support equipment
Material Category 3 1 – Reparable items (exclusive of insurance and provisioning items.) this code will be used to identify serviceable or unserviceable items of a durable nature which when unserviceable normally can be repaired economically by depots or lower echelons of maint
Material Category 4 & 5 W5 – Air conditioning (ac) & support equipment

Army Management Code Definition

Accounting Requirements Accounting Requirements Code (ARC): a one position alpha code that indicates the accountability of an item of supply.
Material Category 1 Material category and inventory manager.
Material Category 2 Appropriation and budget activity account.
Material Category 3 Management inventory segment.
Material Category 4 & 5 Specific group / generic category.