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Item Specifics

Federal Supply Class (FSC)
Packing And Gasket Materials
National Item ID Number (NIIN)

Item Identification | Packing And Gasket Materials

5330-01-144-7835, A deformable material which prevents the passage of matter through the joint formed when two faces are joined. it may be metallic or nonmetallic, lubricated or impregnated, solid or hollow cross section. it may be made to any predetermined dimension and shape. excludes flat disks, items made of felt material and items having joints. for round metal and plastic items with an aperture and a solid rectangular cross section, see washer, flat; shim; bearing, washer, thrust; and spacer ring. excludes disk, valve; seal, nonmetallic angle; seal, nonmetallic channel; seal, nonmetallic special shaped section; shielding gasket, electronic; and ring, sealing jar.

Supply Class (FSC)NSN AssignmentItem Name Code (INC)
5330 Dec 30, 1982 04522 (Gasket)

End Item Applications NSN 5330-01-144-7835 end item applications/platforms

  • Fairbanks Morse 12 Cylinder Diesel Engines Model 38td8 1/8 Onboard 378 Foot Coast Guard Vessels  

Gaskets Cross Reference

Part Number CAGE Variation
16704433 Cage Code 82796 Original Part

Trade Control Compliance Schedule B Export Code: A ten position numeric code that identifies an item exported overseas. this unique identification code is assigned by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Schedule B Sch. B Description Demilitarization Classification ITAR Regulation
Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9). Not ITAR Controlled

Material & Special Handling Item material and handling information

Code Description Value Meaning
HMIRS P Indicates there is no information in the hmirs. the nsn is in a fsc in table ii of fed std 313 and a msds may be required by t
Precious Metals Indicator A Item does not contain precious metal.
Criticality Code X The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.



Coast Guard

Inventory Account S – Stock fund item managed for the coast guard by the respective inventory control point. a funded requisition is required.
Serial Number Control 0 – Item not controlled by serial
Special Material Content 9 – Non-hazardous or non-sensitive item, does not require hazardous or special handling, packaging or precautions

Coast Guard Code Definition

Inventory Account (IAC) Designates the account in which an item of supply is held in the Coast Guard supply system.
Serial Number Control (SNC) Indicates weather an item is subject to serial number control.
Special Material (SMCC) Indicated that an item represents or contains peculiar material requiring special treatment, precautions, or management.