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Reciprocating Pump


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12927729 Cross Reference

Pump, Reciprocating 12927729 Cage Code 19200 original

Historical Pricing

Price Unit of Issue Quantity Per Unit
$5,897.84 - $9,141.65 EA 1

The historical pricing we currently show is between $5,897.84 - $9,141.65. But depending on quantity, availability, condition, lead time, and possible discontinuation of an item, we cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you an up to date quote.

Pump, Reciprocating

A positive displacement device which utilizes the reciprocating motion of one or more pistons, plungers, or diaphragms within a complete or partial enclosure as a means of transferring a liquid from one place to another. It is designed to be driven manually or by a prime mover which is not an integral part of the pump.