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Hexagon Plain Nut

Description: Nut. Nut Height: 7/64", Head Width: 3/8", Thread Size: 3/16", steel comp 302 overall or steel comp 303 overall or steel comp 304 overall or steel comp 305 overall or steel comp 316 overall or steel comp 317 overall or steel comp 347 overall


Thread Class:
Thread Direction:
Nut Style:
Nut Height:
Between 0.117 inches and 0.130 inches
For Use With/On:
Mrap rg-33
Width Across Flats:
Between 0.362 inches and 0.375 inches
Thread Series:
Thread Quantity Per Inch:
Nominal Thread Size:
0.190 inches
Bearing Surface Type:
Steel comp 302 or steel comp 303 or steel comp 304 or steel comp 305 or steel comp 316 or steel comp 317 or steel comp 347
Material Document And Classification:
66 fed std all material responses
Surface Treatment:
Surface Treatment Document And Classification:
Qq-p-35 fed spec single treatment response
Nondefinitive Spec/std Data:
2 type and 13 style and a condition
Federal Supply Class (FSC):
National Stock Number (NSN):
Unit Issue (UI):
HD - This item is sold in quantities of 100 per unit pack.
Item Name Code (INC):

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25-00078-005 Cross Reference

Nut, Plain, Hexagon 4912542-00 Cage Code D9182
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MS35650-304 Cage Code 80058 original
H95010-X304-R865 Cage Code C0628
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5310009349765 Cage Code SCY13
560-01-001 Cage Code 13913
457-5601 Cage Code A486G
MS35338-140 Cage Code 96906
TH-NA1608 Cage Code 04643

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Price Unit of Issue Quantity Per Unit
$6.90 - $10.70 HD 1

The historical pricing we currently show is between $6.90 - $10.70. But depending on quantity, availability, condition, lead time, and possible discontinuation of an item, we cannot guarantee pricing until we provide you an up to date quote.

Nut, Plain, Hexagon

A nut, flat on top and bottom having 6 flat sides. For items which have internal tapered or straight (parallel) pipe threads, specific electrical conduit size designation, and which when installed, provide a method of tightening to lock the connection, see locknut, electrical conduit. See also locknut, tube fitting. For items having a thickness (or height) exceeding two times the width across the flats, use post, electrical-mechanical equipment. (when height or thickness and/or width across the flats is designated as a tolerance dimension, the maximum dimension will be used to determine compliance.)