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Shafts [fsc 6105]

  • In Electrical Motors

Shafts [fsc 5831]

  • In Intercommunication And Public Address Systems, Airborne

Shafts [fsc 2530]

  • In Vehicular Brake, Steering, Axle, Wheel And Track Components

Shafts [fsc 4220]

  • In Marine Lifesaving And Diving Equipment

Shafts [fsc 7490]

  • In Miscellaneous Office Machines

Shafts [fsc 3820]

  • In Mining, Rock Drilling, Earth Boring And Related Equipment

Shafts [fsc 1560]

  • In Airframe Structural Components

Shafts [fsc 1430]

  • In Guided Missile Remote Control Systems

Shafts [fsc 3040]

  • In Miscellaneous Power Transmission Equipment

Shafts [fsc 7420]

  • In Accounting And Calculating Machines

Teledyne Continental AEC65314 Kit Including P/Ns AEC655971 Valve, AEC655526 Guide, AEC531629 Rotocoil, AEC531609 Spring, AEC531610 Spring, AEC531611 Spring, AEC21154 Shaft, And AEL11665 Thrust Button Valve Train Kit Parts For Cylinder Assembly

  • Fits: Teledyne Continental (c75-8, 8f, 8fh, 8fhj, 8fj, 8j, 12, 12b, 12bf, 12bfh, 12f, 12fh, 12fhj, 12fj, 12j, 15, 15f, C85-8, 8f, 8fhj, 8fj, 8j, 12, 12f, 12fh, 12fhj, 12fj, 12j, 14f, 15, 15f, C90-8f, 8fj, 12f, 12fh, 12fj, 12fp, 14f, 14fh, 14fj, 16f, C115-1, 2, C125-1, 2, C145-2, 2h, 2hp , O-200-a, B, C, O-300-a, B, C, D, E, Go-300-a, B, C, D, E, F)

Boeing P/N EE824536-500 Consisting Of P/Ns Spacer, P/N EE824536-1, Internal Shaft, Small, P/N EE824536-2, Internal Shaft, Large, P/N EE824536-3, Adapter, P/N EE824536-4- Universal Joint Assembly

  • Fits: Boeing (b-727 When Used As Replacement For The Following Boeing P/ns Spacer, P/n 69-26997, Internal Shaft,small, P/n69-26950, Internal Shaft, Large, P/n 69-26949, Adapter, P/n 66-19694)

Lycoming Shaft, Tach. Drive Ass'y SL75708

  • Fits: Lycoming (o-235-c1c, C1b, C1c, C2a, C2c, F2a, F2b, H2c, J2a, K2a, K2b, K2c, L2a, L2c, M1, N2a, N2c, P2a O-290-d, D2, D2b, D2c Vo-360-a1a, A1b, B1a Ivo-360-a1a)

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