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2000 401900 Waveguide Adapter
2086826-1 Waveguide Adapter
28480-NP292A Waveguide Adapter
5189159 Waveguide Adapter
54001043-GF-N Waveguide Adapter
HPNP292A Waveguide Adapter
NP292A Waveguide Adapter
TR-32C004 Waveguide Adapter

Spruance Class Dd (963)

Picture of Spruance Class Dd (963)

The Spruance-class destroyer was developed by the United States to replace a large number of World War II–built Allen M. Sumner and Gearing-class destroyers and was the primary destroyer built for the U.S. Navy during the 1970s.

First commissioned in 1975, the class was designed with gas-turbine propulsion, a flight deck and hangar for up to two medium-lift helicopters, all-digital weapons systems, and automated 5-inch guns. Serving for three decades, the Spruance class was designed to escort a carrier group with a primary ASW mission, though in the 1990s 24 members of the class were upgraded with the Mark 41 Vertical Launching System (VLS) for the Tomahawk surface-to-surface missile. Rather than extend the life of the class, the Navy accelerated its retirement. The last ship of the class was decommissioned in 2005, with most examples broken up or destroyed as targets.

The class was originally designed for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) with point defense anti-aircraft warfare (AAW) missiles; upgrades provided anti-ship and land attack capabilities.

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