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pdf NSN 2805-01-506-0559 Datasheet

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Parts and Components for W/penumat 260 Cfm Air Compressor NSN 4310-01-498-8886 Parts and components for this end application.

NSN Component Description
NSN 5310-01-505-9204 Plastic 4-40 Nut
NSN 5340-01-506-0483 Hinge Spring Cn
NSN 5930-01-506-0488 Switch Start
NSN 2510-01-506-0491 Guard Radiator
NSN 2520-01-506-0497 Axle Beam Front
NSN 2920-01-506-0504 Alternator 24 V
NSN 2520-01-506-0507 Axle Beam Rear
NSN 5925-01-506-0509 Circuit Breaker
NSN 2805-01-506-0557 Cooler St Baffle
NSN 2805-01-506-0558 Cooler Cu Baffle
NSN 2805-01-506-0559 Cooler To Baffle
NSN 2805-01-506-0561 Cooler St Baffle
NSN 2805-01-506-0563 Oil Cooler Baffle
NSN 4730-01-506-0564 Adjusting Plate
NSN 4730-01-506-0569 Fitting Lube 1.8
NSN 4730-01-506-0570 Elbow 90 1.4npt X-4
NSN 4730-01-506-0571 Coupling Half 1.8
NSN 4730-01-506-0572 Tee Invt Fl 1.4 S
NSN 4730-01-506-0576 Tee Invt Fl 1.4 A
NSN 4730-01-506-0579 Adapter Invt 1.4-3.
NSN 4730-01-506-0583 Tee 1.4 Npt 3.8 Tube
NSN 4730-01-506-0585 Connector Power Interve
NSN 4730-01-506-0587 Adapter Fuel Tank
NSN 2930-01-506-0589 Radiator Baffle
NSN 4730-01-506-0590 Elbow Exh 2.5 X 8.5
NSN 4730-01-506-0591 Adapter Exh Turbo
NSN 4730-01-506-0592 Adapter Thermometer
NSN 4730-01-506-0596 Adapter Oil Press
NSN 4730-01-506-0597 Adapter Sea 4
NSN 2805-01-506-0602 Lift Bail Curb Sid
NSN 2805-01-506-0608 Lift Bail Str Side
NSN 2805-01-506-0611 Stiffener Top-p
NSN 2805-01-506-0615 Plastic Stiffener
NSN 4730-01-506-0623 Adapter Pump Housing
NSN 2805-01-506-0624 Plastic Stiffener


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