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Electrical Insulation Sleeving


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Item Specifics

Federal Supply Class (FSC)
Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials
National Item ID Number (NIIN)
Reliability Indicator
Not established AARG
Overall Length
Any acceptable ABHP
Temp Rating
-55.0 deg celsius and 135.0 deg celsius ABJH
Environmental Protection
Corrosion resistant and flame resistant and mildew resistant and water resistant ADZC
Expanded Inside Diameter
0.750 inches minimum AFZL
Recovered Inside Diameter
0.375 inches maximum AFZM
Recovered Wall Thickness
0.027 inches minimum and 0.033 inches maximum AFZN
Heat Shrinkage Rating In Percent
50.0 AGAU
Minimum Tensile Strength
1500 pounds per square inch CQBC
Flexible FLEX
White HUES
Plastic, polyolefin, mil-i-23053/5, class 1 MATL
Plastic cross-linked polyolefin MATT
Style Designator
Shrinkable STYL
Dielectric Material Voltage Rating Per Unit Thickness
500.0 volts per mil /0.001 inch/ UKBG

Item Identification | Electrical Insulators And Insulating Materials

5970-00-812-1360, A rigid or flexible tubing having uniform inside and outside diameters in the overall length. it is specifically designed to prevent any undesirable flow of current between conductors and other objects. includes shrinkable type tubing, items in bulk and in specific fabricated lengths (cut to size). excludes items not having rated electrical characteristics. also excludes bushing, sleeve; cable nipple, electrical; conduit (as modified); insulation sleeving, electrical, special purpose; insulation sleeving, thermal; sleeve, marker, cable; sleeving, textile, electrical; tubing, glass; and tubing, nonmetallic.

Supply Class (FSC)NSN AssignmentNIINItem Name Code (INC)
5970 Jan 01, 1963 008121360 00867 (Insulation Sleeving, Electrical)

End Item Applications NSN 5970-00-812-1360 end item applications/platforms

Item Identification Guide

NSN Reference Drawing

Electrical Insulation Sleevings Cross Reference

Part Number CAGE Variation
44791JP750WHT Cage Code 97942 Cross Ref. Part
M230583/5-109-9 Cage Code 81349 Cross Ref. Part
MS23053/5-109-9 Cage Code 96906 Cross Ref. Part
9175446 Cage Code 18876 Original Part
2526070P23 Cage Code 10001 Original Part
RNF-100-3/4-WH-SP Cage Code 06090 Original Part
3444635-9 Cage Code 3B150 Original Part
FIT221 3-4WHITE Cage Code 92194 Original Part
P0135 3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 03890 Original Part
2089998-0908 Cage Code 27914 Original Part
44791JP7503U9 Cage Code 97942 Original Part
11830621-158 Cage Code 19203 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
48-00004-215 Cage Code 00724 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
RNF100-1-3-4WHITE Cage Code 06090 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
PENNTUBE V FLEXIBLE 3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 09795 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
BACT63A58-9 Cage Code 81205 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
119A2290-158 Cage Code 05606 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
2664707-9 Cage Code 10001 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
11699912-158 Cage Code 19204 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
94-0058 Cage Code 19397 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
1130389G42 Cage Code 31550 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
MP-M0013-109 Cage Code 33875 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
446320-209 Cage Code 37695 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
224845-909 Cage Code 81413 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
065-001756-023 Cage Code 26916 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
ST-221-3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 56352 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
AMS-DTL-23053/5 Cage Code 81343 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
45-033344-27 Cage Code 15280 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
267M0048P067 Cage Code 49956 Cross Ref. Part
RNF100-3-4W Cage Code 06090 Cross Ref. Part
MS23053/5-109-0 Cage Code 81343 Original Part
M23053/5-109-9 Cage Code 81343 Original Part
MIS-14310CL1WHITE0-750ID Cage Code 18876 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
MPD11862CLASS1WHITESIZE3-4 Cage Code 18876 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
4000250 Cage Code 07421 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
RNF-100 TYPE1 3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 06090 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
3444635-9 Cage Code 49956 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
RNF-100 3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 06090 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
59199-09 Cage Code 09795 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
M23053/5-109-9 Cage Code 81349 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
MIL-I-23053/5 Cage Code 81349 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
MIL-I-23053/5-109-9 Cage Code 81349 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
MIL-I-23053/5-109-9WHITE Cage Code 81349 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
FP301-1 3/4IN WHITE Cage Code 20999 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
10134040 Cage Code A486G For Reference Only
ST0150AB0052CL1 3/4-9 Cage Code 94756 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
RNF100 Cage Code 06090 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
7230941-P29 Cage Code 03538 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
591-0147-009 Cage Code 94756 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
Y00037-059 Cage Code 12436 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced
R2479P9 Cage Code 23991 Superseded, Discontinued, or Replaced

National Motor Freight NMFC: A six position numeric code, which divides articles into groups or classes according to physical characteristics. The classification is based on truckloads vs. less than truckload.

Code Description Code Value Meaning
NMF Description NMFC 103300 Insulating Material Noi
Universal Freight Code UFC 53360
Less than a truck load rating LTL W Rating variable
Water Commodity WCC 72D Communications/electronics, other than sigint/ew or comsec repair parts and components
Type of Cargo TCC Z No special type of cargo code applicable
Special Handling SHC 9 Other or no special handling required (sh)
Air Dimension Code ADC A Shipment is not a consolidation and does not exceed 84 inches in any dimension.
Air Commodity ACC H Instruments/equipment/supplies for radio, communications, electrical, laboratory, etc. (includes signal corps)
Air Special Handling ASH Array No special handling required.

Trade Control Compliance Schedule B Export Code: A ten position numeric code that identifies an item exported overseas. this unique identification code is assigned by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Schedule B Sch. B Description Demilitarization Classification ITAR Regulation
8546900000 Electrical insulators, nesoi Non-usml/non-ccli - no demil or dod tsc required. department of commerce may impose licensing requirements to certain destinations. (note 9). Unclassified Not ITAR Controlled

MOE / End Users Represents the subdivisions of a US governmental organization or an agency of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and other friendly governments and international organizations participating in the federal catalog program.

Country / Entity Name MOE
WF Finland WF
WP Poland WP
YA Brazil YA
YB Spain YB
YJ Singapore YJ
ZC Canada ZC
ZE New Zealand ZE
ZF France ZF
ZG Germany ZG
ZH Korea, Republic Of ZH
ZK United Kingdom ZK
ZN Netherlands ZN
ZP Portugal ZP
ZR Italy ZR
ZS Denmark ZS
ZT Norway ZT
ZU Greece ZU
ZW Turkey ZW
ZZ United States ZZ
ZZ Department Of The Navy ZZ
No MOE rules found for this NSN.

Material & Special Handling Item material and handling information

Code Description Value Meaning
HMIRS P Indicates there is no information in the hmirs. the nsn is in a fsc in table ii of fed std 313 and a msds may be required by t
Precious Metals Indicator A Item does not contain precious metal.
Criticality Code X The item does not have a nuclear hardened feature or any other critical feature such as tolerance, fit restriction or application.

Management Rec. / Rep. Code: Special program consumables

 CTL: 9B----9

Air Force

Fund SF – Stock fund applicable to items managed for the air force by the respective inventory control point.
Budget 9 – Air force decentrally managed
Material Management EH – Electronic components (engineering support at the 88th ose/oss)
Price Validation V – The current standard price has been validated. - the item has been analyzed in conjunction with the zero overpricing program and is in the accepted price range. -the item was procured under open competition and under the competitive arena the price is considered fair and reasonable. -zop or standard price challenges are permissible but must be supported by adequate justification.

Air Force Management Code Definition

Fund A two position code that classifies an item into categories in terms of funding and budgeting.
Budget Identifies investment items to budget programs from which item is funded.
Material Management Identifies an item of supply to be managed by a specific activity manager.
Price Validation Indicates validity of the recorded unit price.


Stores Account 1 – Marine corps stock fund account item.
Combat Essentiality 2 – Non-critical repair part. repair parts or major components whose failure in an end item will not render the end item inoperati
Management Echelon B – All commodities
Material Identification B – Consumable repair parts
Operational Test
Physical Category

Marines Code Definition

Stores Account (SAC) Indicates the type of funds employed within the marine corps in supply support operations.
Combat Essentiality (CEC) Establishes if an item is essential to the operational readiness of a weapon system or the conduct of a military mission, or that a functional part contributes to the tactical and essential operations of an item component or assembly, and its failure would render the item inoperable or incapable of fulfilling its mission.
Management Echelon (MEC) Classifies items into categories by material and procurement echelon.
Material Identification (MIC) Identifies method of accounting, degree, and type of control to be maintained for the item and to identify material by specific purpose, type, or classification for the war reserve system.
Operational test (OTC) Indicates special procedures must be performed on an item of supply while under care-in-stores or as a part of the issue process.
Physical Category (PCC) Indicates category for picking, packing, and marking items for shipment.


Cognizance 9B – Naval inventory control point, mechanicsburg
Special Material
Requisition Restriction
Special Material Content 9 – Non-hazardous or non-sensitive item, does not require hazardous or special handling, packaging or precautions

Navy Management Code Definition

Cognizance (COG) Identifies the inventory manager (IM) and inventory control point (ICP).
Special Material (SMIC) Categorizes material on the basis of requirements for source or quality control, technical design, or configuration control, procurement, stocking and issue control, special receipt, inspection, testing, storage, or handling
Req. Restriction (IRRC) Item requisition instructions.
Special Material (SMCC) Indicated that an item represents or contains peculiar material requiring special treatment, precautions, or management.


Accounting Requirements X – Expendable item. an item of army property coded with an arc of ``x'' in the amdf. expendable items require no formal accountability after issue from a stock record account. commercial and fabricated items similar to items coded ``x'' in the amdf are considered expendable items.
Material Category 1 Q – Electronics materiel (dla/gsa items)
Material Category 2 2 – Stock fund secondary items
Material Category 3 2 – Nonreparable items (exclusive of insurance and provisioning items). this code will be used to identify items which are not reparable.
Material Category 4 & 5 BJ – Ah-64 airframe

Army Management Code Definition

Accounting Requirements Accounting Requirements Code (ARC): a one position alpha code that indicates the accountability of an item of supply.
Material Category 1 Material category and inventory manager.
Material Category 2 Appropriation and budget activity account.
Material Category 3 Management inventory segment.
Material Category 4 & 5 Specific group / generic category.